Board of Trustees

Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra – President/ Chairman of the Board

Santiago A. Sierra Jr. – Member


Angelica A. Sierra – Member


Administrative Personnel

Victor A. Sierra – VP for Administration

Francisco B. Bacalla – AVP for Administration

Marie Joy T. Solis – AVP for Administration Secretary

Human Resource

Pedro U. Pañares – Director

Concepcion G. Lavador – Office Staff

Charlemagne P. Facultad – Messenger/ Purchaser

Accounting Section 

Flor T. Delicano – Accounting Head

Cherry Ann C. Megio – Student Account In-charge

Fedelyn A. Cañazares – Payroll Incharge

Health Services

Camia T. Quijada, MD – College Physician

Rita Mae A. Cempron, RN – School Nurse

Information Communication Technology Department

Francisco B. Bacalla – Consultant

Muriel M. Mercado – System Administrator/ Hardware Maintenance

Vincent S. Cayanong – Software Developer

Ana Liza L. Abao – WEB Publication/ ID Production/ Publishing & Communication

Benjamen P. Estrera Jr. – Staff/ AVR In-charge

Campus Safety & Security

Jarvis S. Prochina – Director

Brian N. Pateña – Security Supervisor

Property Custodian

Engr. Felix C. Atillo – Custodian/ Laboratory/ Inventory

Joanna S. Aserdano – Stock Room Clerk

Jonie M. Garcia – Maintenance

Geoffrey Roland S. Personal – Refrigeration/ Aircon Technician

Winston I. Rodriguez – Aircon Technician

Glenn B. Laurito – General Services Supervisor

Reynaldo L. Peteros – Driver/ Bus Dispatcher


Management Committee

Roy J. Entienza, MD, EdD – ManCom Member

Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, MD – ManCom Member

Luditha Lumapat-Pe, MD – ManCom Member

Marilyn T. Zarraga, MD – ManCom Member

Agaton T. Panopio Jr., MD – ManCom Member

Charles A. Cabataña, MD – ManCom Secretary

Office of the VP for Academics

Roy J. Entienza, MD, EdD – VP for Academics

Rohann O. Lazaro – Secretary

Office of the College Dean

Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, MD – College Dean

Duessa Emmy B. Gelaga – Secretary

Bobby B. Fernandez – Office  Clerk

Lorraine P. Plaza – Office Staff

Florence U. Palban – Admission Office Staff

Assistant Dean

Allan R. Librando, MD – Assistant Dean for Basic Sciences

Office of the Registrar

Luditha Lumapat-Pe – College Registrar

Flora V. Baroman – Secretary

Annabelle S. Brigoli – Evaluator

Antoinette Kay B. Dosdos – Encoder

Garry G. Vestil – Encoder

Desideria B.  Acosta – FSU Registrar Liaison Officer

Research Department

Jose M. Oclarit, PhD – Director

Ellen S. Abao, DVM – IACUC Chairman

Edgardo G. Deypalubos, DVM – Resident Veterinarian

Learning Commons

Virginia P. Mollaneda, PhD – Library Consultant

Reya Marisse C. Abing, RL – Medical Librarian

Luz L. Dacalos – Staff

Alexis V. Baroman – Staff

Efren N. Jacaban – Staff

Guidance and Counseling

Georadelia T. Lungay – Guidance Counselor

Community Extension 

Jarvis S. Prochina – Director

Department Secretaries

Jade A. Boyd – Chief of Clinics

Catherine A. Labus – Microbiology & Parasitology

Vilma M. Camposo – Anatomy & Histology

Cherelyn H. Maisa – Histology & Neurology

Laboratory Staff

Jarwin A. Labus – Anatomy & Histology

Joel M. Gimenez – General & Clinical Pathology

Charity L. Magali – Physiology & Biochemistry

Graziani Edgard S. Kalinawan Jr. – Skills Laboratory

Laboratory Assistants

Rowel H. Cagatcagat – Anatomy & Histology

Emilyn G. Cortel – Research 

Medical Technologists

Ruth C. Sato – General & Clinical Pathology

Joy Ann Q. Enad – Biochemistry & Physiology

Roosevelt A. Diaz – Microbiology & Parasitology

Janica Lu M. Saldariega – Microbiology & Parasitology