Newly-appointed Medical Alumni president takes oath of office in a MHAM-held board meeting

With the MHAM alumni-faculty members in a board meeting…

Beaming with a sense of pride for having been served her Alma Mater for years with dedication and loyalty at all times, the newly-appointed president of the MHAM Medical Alumni took the oath office in a MHAM-held board meeting at the Board Room last August 15, 2018 in the afternoon.

With the new President of the MHAM Medical Alumni…

MHAM COLLEGE INC. VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Maceren Diaz, was sworn into office as the new president of the board with the best of her ability and capability to carry out the tasks and commitment along with her responsibility to promote lifetime relationship among alumni members across the globe.

MHAMavens along the years: MHAM Medical Alumni outgoing President, Dr. Carlito L Astillero & newly-appointed President Dr. Arlene C. Diaz

Dr. Diaz, who turns fifty-nine next month has been serving in MHAM since 1986. She succeeded Dr. Carlito Astillero who also served the Medical Alumni for years aside from being a faculty and a former Corporate Treasurer of the MHAM Board of Trustees.

Reaping the harvest of her hard work and wholeheartedness in the field of medical education, the new president finished Doctor of Medicine in 1983 as Cum Laude. In the same year, she showed exemplary performances in the Medical Board Examination as she was hailed as the 9th placer among thousands of successful examinees nationwide. A fellow of the Philippine Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology where her field of specialization centers on, Dr. Diaz also earned Doctor in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management along with her numerous researches presented here and abroad.

With the MHAM VP for Academics & Medical Alumni President Arlene M. Diaz, MD, FPSCEP, Ed.D.

In an interview with the new president who was also conferred with Community Service Award during the 38th Cebu City Chapter Day given by Cebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia in 1999, she pointed out that leadership, which is one of the core values of being a MHAM maven, must be acted out to do things that will work best in the institution.

With the new Medical Alumni President, Dr. Arlene M. Diaz…

“I accepted this responsibility with a heart as my soul is restless in serving my Alma Mater, and as we look forward for a greater MHAM, we aim to rekindle the relationship among the alumni members here and abroad”, Dr. Diaz said.

For a greater MHAM…

In its perpetual fervor to connect and strengthen the meaningful relationship among MHAM graduates, the board members who were present also brought up their concerns on how to establish a good linkage to other alumni members especially those who are based outside the country.

Where unity is strength…

As MHAM is on the road to host a Grand Alumni Homecoming on the occasion of its 50th founding year celebrations in 2020, the board meeting was also centered on the planning for the activities, designation of working committees and efficient dissemination of information to all respective batches through social media sites to engage constant connectivity among alumni members.

With the current members of the board…

Well-graced by alumni-faculty board members which include Dr. Roy Entienza, Dr. Chamberlain Agtuca, Dr. Vanessa Fajardo-Neri, Dr. Donny Jay Yu, Dr. Arvisminda Luz Fernandez-Ladiao, Dr. Annette Salillas, Dr. Ma. Luisita Caturza, Dr. Virgette Gay Diomampo, Dr. Jan Michael Lao and Dr. Napoleon Camacho, the board meeting ended with a commitment to collaborate a market-related activities, strategic plans and long term preparations for the Grand Alumni Homecoming.

With the collaboration of the MHAM Alumni Association Inc., the upcoming grand golden anniversary will also pave the way to bridge the gap and to break the barrier over the split of MHAM from SWU that has created confusion among the alumni members. Although MHAM has acquired a separate juridical personality as a corporate being, distinct and apart from SWU INC. and has its own governing body since 1970, the Medical Alumni board members are carrying out their effort to connect to some of the graduates who are still confused of their identity especially the graduates in the 70’s.

We Are MHAM: Breaking barriers over the years

Moving forward and beyond, MHAM, as a leading medical institution, hopes to develop holistic medical professionals who possess the knowledge and skills required for a solid foundation on the essential elements of the medical profession as its mission. Bearing with excellence, professionalism, leadership, nationalism and internationalism as its goals, the 50th founding year celebrations in 2020 with the presence of the alumni members will truly ignite to rekindle their sense of belongingness and pride as undivided MHAM mavens of the field. (Ana Liza Abao)