General Pathology

Lectures are given to orient and guide students in their study of the nature and consequences of those structural and functional aberrations which we term pathological and which commonly have their clinical expression in overt diseases. Laboratory periods are to provide a systematic study in the histologic and gross features of diseases; specimens removed from autopsy and surgery and histologic slides are provided to students fir examination. Brief lectures and recitation are also conducted during the laboratory periods. The second semester is devoted to the more common systemic disease in the heart, lungs, kidneys, digestive system, hepatobiliary system, endocrine system and central nervous system. The student’s knowledge in both Anatomical and Clinical Pathology would then be applicable or correlated with their knowledge in general medicine. The one-year course consists of lectures, laboratory work, demonstrations, Kodachrome slide projection and attendance in autopsies and clinico-pathological conference.

Credit: 324 hours

Unit Credit: 18 units

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