Internal Medicine 2 And Therapeutics

The Department of Medicine believes that Internal Medicine forms the foundation of all clinical medicine. To understand the principles of internal medicine, the student must have a a sound understanding of the basic sciences and the theory of Medicine. It is not possible to show to the student, during the course of undergraduate training, all of the diseases from which man suffers. Although the student gets dirext instruction from the staff, he must teach himself and that is possible only if he utilizes an abundance of patients and facilities in the college and hospital are utilized for a broader opportunity to work and think. The department strives to train students in the fundamental, basic principles of medicine and to instill the desire to seek and understand the mechanisms, natural history and manifestations of disease. The aim is to have students understand why patients are treated as well as how they are treated, rather than have them memorize certain therapeutic formulas without an overall comprehension of the basic problems of the disease and the pharmacodynamics of the therapy.

Credit: 180 hours

Unit Credit: 10 units

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