Louella Quijano, M.D.

Section Head, Physical Diagnosis 

   Doc Quijano


1990-1994, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Southwstern University

1994-1998, Doctor of Medicine, Southwestern University, Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of  Medicine


1994-1995, SWU-  Matias H.Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Matias H.Aznar  Alumni Scholar

1997-1998,  Medical Intern Batch, OutstandingGroup Leader

Jan- Dec 2004, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine,Cebu Doctor’s Hosppital

Jan 2011=present,Chairman Resuscitation Committee, Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital

August 2012- present, Chairman Council CPR, Philippine Heart Association

August 2013- present, Section Head, Physical Diagnosis Department, MHAM College of Medicine


April- Aug 2000, Resident Physician, St. Vincent  Hospital, CebuCity

Feb- Nov 2001, Resident Physician, Ramiro Hospital, Tagbiliran, Bohol

Jan 2002- Dec 2004, Resident Physician,( Internal Medicine  Residency Training)

Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, Cebu City

Oct 2005 -Dec 2006, Junior Consultant, North General Hospital, Cebu City

March 2006- February 2009,Fellow Adult Cardiology, St. Luke’s Heart Institute

March 2009 -February 2010, Clinical Research Fellow Echocardiography

April 2101- present, Consultant, IM Department, Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital

Sacred Heart Hospital

Visiting Medical Consultant, Cebu City Medical Center

Visayas Community Medica lCenter

South and North General  Hospital


Member, Philippine Medical Association

Member, Diplomate Fellow, Philippine College OF Physican

Member, Philippine  College of Physician,Central and Eastern Visayas Chapter

Member, Diplomate-Fellow, Philippine College of Cardiology

Member, Philippine Heart Association

Member, Fellow, Philippine Society in Echcardiography