MHAM ranks third among top performing schools for physicians with 122 successful examinees and two topnotchers

The pride of MHAM: Making waves with our new Matias Doctors in March 2019 Physician Licensure Examination

Beaming with pride and honor for producing competent graduates in the Doctor of Medicine Program, MHAM proudly presents its new doctors of class 2017 who made waves in the March 2019 Physician Licensure Examination based from the official result released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board of Medicine last March 14, 2019.

A medical milestone for every MHAM maven of the field nurtured by a roster of dedicated faculty members who are experts in their field of specialization and professional health education, this year’s successful examinees from batch ELIXIR made MHAM ranked third among top performing schools for physicians in the country with 81.08 percentage rate as recognized by PRC.

March 2019 PLE MHAM Topnotchers: 3rd placer, Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima & 5th placer, Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda of Batch ELIXIR

Resounding success for five years in a row, MHAM made it again as two of its gems once again showed excellence in the ten highest places of this year’s PLE result. Garnering an average of 88.75 percent, Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima was hailed as the third placer while Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda, with a rating of 88.33 percent, clinched to the fifth spot, respectively.

Administered last March 3, 4, 10 and 11 at PRC testing centers in Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Zamboanga with 1,579 examinees nationwide, a total of 1,209 takers passed the exam. Reaping a significant performance with one hundred twenty-two (122) successful examinees, here are the new Matias doctors whose hard work, dedication and persistence were distinctively paid off:

  1. Abecia , Evalaine Mae Abastillas, MD
  2. Aboy , Jose Lorenz Ratilla, MD
  3. Acosta , Hanna Compendio, MD
  4. Adona , Bryan Aizzer Tagaloguin, MD
  5. Alarcon , Maelisa Grace Cerdeñola, MD
  6. Alawi , Juhara Benito, MD
  7. Alcuizar , Sra. Luckris IV Rezada, MD
  8. Alon , Jamel Pableo, MD
  9. Arellano , Alfer Jangad, MD
  10. Arellano , Jemer Grace Sumalpong, MD
  11. Arevalo , Judah Calvin Actub, MD
  12. Arradaza , Mary Joyce Galvez, MD
  13. Aya-ay , Jerlie Villamor, MD
  14. Ayohan , Ma. Edda Claire Neri, MD
  15. Batoon , Dennis Bumanglag, MD
  16. Belandres , Juan Paolo Balbuena, MD
  17. Bentulan , Ken Caraan, MD
  18. Branzuela , Lisa Claire Luague, MD
  19. Buot , Carl Vincent Ireneo Malle, MD
  20. Buque , Kathryn Mangubat, MD
  21. Cad i , Zyrah Espen Jane Frio, MD
  22. Camacho , Rainier Dagoldogol, MD
  23. Canton , Andrew Montero, MD
  24. Capada , Gregg Cornelius Baclay, MD
  25. Cavalida , Clarence Joseph Roa, MD
  26. Clapis , Leonardo Luigi Suarez, MD
  27. Cruz , Jezrill Balais, MD
  28. Cruz , Van Mich Louie Sumangil, MD
  29. Cruz , Yechiel Arcallana, MD
  30. Cuizon , Kim Gregorio III Enriquez, MD
  31. Dandan , Kassey Fudalan, MD
  32. De Castro , Jeremiah Espia, MD
  33. De Lira , Jairus Ire Romano, MD
  34. Delos Reyes , Luis Paolo Correos, MD
  35. Delos Santos, Jeramy Abenir, MD
  36. Egnora , John Lester Bonono, MD
  37. Ellorimo , Isagani Jr. Canomon, MD
  38. Ermac , Stephanie Anne Marie Nercuit, MD
  39. Estillore , Brian Encabo, MD
  40. Fernandez , Gerimae Marie Rosal, MD
  41. Fernandez , Salve Marie Ordaniza, MD
  42. Fronda , Jessa Elaine Balbastro, MD
  43. Gacayan , Irene Dominguez, MD
  44. Gallardo , Arrah Joyce Donaire, MD
  45. Gallera , Alma Sanchez, MD
  46. Gamil , Milor Jezelle Besana, MD
  47. Gapoy , Glenn Raymond Salazar, MD
  48. Garde , Suyenne Rojas, MD
  49. Gaviola , Jacquelene Chan, MD
  50. Gio , Precious Somairha Alibasa, MD
  51. Go , Alexandra Sol Gonzales, MD
  52. Grefiel , Johnny Rey Cerna, MD
  53. Guillermo , Ralph Campos, MD
  54. Gujilde , Jason Delegencia, MD
  55. Herrera , Remaur Suson, MD
  56. Indoc , Cristie Joy Arconada, MD
  57. Joyo , Loraine Aiza Lim, MD
  58. Lala , Raihana Dipatuan, MD
  59. Lee , Kristine Kaye Bernardo, MD
  60. Leyson , Leslie Anne Te, MD
  61. Llanita , Bercyl Balacuit, MD
  62. Lora , Bonn Jaynus Aguilor, MD
  63. Lorezo , Joy Abarca, MD
  64. Lucman , Shereen Sangcopan, MD
  65. Maderal , Angelique Dawn Pabillar, MD
  66. Mahinay , Portia Tormis, MD
  67. Maisling , Ivy Marie Dinopol, MD
  68. Manginsay , Mercy Ruth Magdaong, MD
  69. Manuel , Marlabette Cartilla, MD
  70. Maraat , Jundie Reigh Palomar, MD
  71. Martinquilla, Andrew Valaquio, MD
  72. Meñez , Ivyan Nicoli Solano, MD
  73. Merillana , Joefrhym Dulay, MD
  74. Monsanto , Melody Kaye Arnado, MD
  75. Mordeno , Kamya Gomez, MD
  76. Navarro , Hazel Lhyn Estrada, MD
  77. Nillama , Frannie Jane Gerado, MD
  78. Obogon , Myreal Gold Junio, MD
  79. Omar , Hanifah Alawi, MD
  80. Omnes , Lynart Kevin Rabaya, MD
  81. Ong , Stephanie Perez, MD
  82. Orevillo , Alphard Carnice, MD
  83. Panaglima , Daniel Cajayon, MD
  84. Parilla , Lisette Francine Tongco, MD
  85. Paunte , Nurfaidah Hasmerah Limug, MD
  86. Pepino , Marvin Rey Andrew Roflo, MD
  87. Perral , Dan Dominick Beguña, MD
  88. Piamonte , Aldin Delos Santos, MD
  89. Plasus , Lyndie Mahilum, MD
  90. Quimzon , Liezl Joy Sanchez, MD
  91. Quirante , Francis Neil Book, MD
  92. Quiseo , Marie Christine Payod, MD
  93. Rafisura , Jervy Ross Limocon, MD
  94. Ramiso , Mary Grace Bation, MD
  95. Reoma , Ken Daren Briones, MD
  96. Rosales , Gail Noynay, MD
  97. Ruiz , Bernadette Rondael, MD
  98. Salim , Kitchemarie Eremia, MD
  99. Sampang , Hazel Frigillana, MD
  100. Sandig , Joyce Anne Doctolero, MD
  101. Seriña , Dorry Resyal Dulay, MD
  102. Seva , Krizza Marie Anlap, MD
  103. Sultan , Daniza Alihuddin, MD
  104. Tadlas , Joevet Tabligan, MD
  105. Tañedo , Jerry Anthony Jr. Saludsod, MD
  106. Tapucar , Luis Daniel Alfoja, MD
  107. Tawasil , Abu-Khayre Ong, MD
  108. Tayaban , Daryl Mark Matarong, MD
  109. Teodoro , Dionisio III Jamsani, MD
  110. Tiu , Pete Joseph Guindulman, MD
  111. Uy , Hochille Mae Bongcas, MD
  112. Valdez , Azalea Kirsti Escosa, MD
  113. Valiente , Eloisa Marianne Castro, MD
  114. Vallejo , Frendel Agcaoili, MD
  115. Vega , Angela Paula Guerra, MD
  116. Velasco , Ena Louis Lames, MD
  117. Ventic , Lyle Edmar Somoso, MD
  118. Villanueva , Mary Joy Valientes, MD
  119. Villarosa , Henry Jr. Sanchez, MD
  120. Virrey , Michael Giovanni Lee, MD
  121. Yu , Eliese Lovessa Bersales, MD
  122. 122. Zerna , Ana Isobelle Koppin, MD

Headed by its chairman, Dr. Eleanor B. Almoro, the March 2019 PLE was conducted by the PRC Board of Medicine members Dr. Edgardo T. Fernando, Dr. Clarita C. Maaño, Dr. Eleanor J. Galvez and Dr. Ma. Graciela Garayblas-Gonzaga.

From NLE Top 9 to PLE Top 5: Matias scholar-topnotcher, Jessa Elaine Balbastro Fronda, RN, MD

According to the Matias scholar-topnotcher and consistent academic achiever, Dr. Jessa Elaine Fronda, there were moments that she felt she wouldn’t make it after taking those difficult exams but deep inside she was still hopeful that her name will be written in the top 10.

“I was elated at that moment, seeing not only my name but also two of my closest friends, including Dan Panaglima in the top 10. I immediately called them and told them the good news. I also told my family and we prayed together”, 26-year old Fronda said.

A native of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro who grew up with an incredibly loving and supportive family, she graduated at the Hillsideview Adventist Elementary School as class valedictorian and finished secondary education as 2nd honorable mention at Eastern Mindoro College. Earning a degree in Nursing at the Manila Adventist College, Dr. Fronda graduated as magna cum laude and topped the Nursing Licensure Examination in December 2012 as the ninth placer.

Just like Dr. Panaglima, she is a devoted Seventh-day Adventist believer and a full scholar recipient who finished Doctor of Medicine in 2017 as cum laude. Both of them are registered nurses prior to their medical journey in MHAM and took their Post Graduate Internship at the Adventist Medical Center Manila together.

To date, the fifth placer is planning to travel and to take a break for few months as a getaway after studying for the past five years. God willing, she will proceed to Internal Medicine residency training early next year at the Adventist Medical Center Manila. Rooted from his father’s passing due to renal failure when she was still seven years old, Dr. Fronda wants to be a nephrologist in the future.

With Matias scholar-alumna, March 2019 PLE 5th placer, Dr. Jessa Elaine Balbastro Fronda…

“I am so blessed with so many wonderful people and institutions. My alma mater, MHAM, granted me a 4-year scholarship and I will be forever grateful for giving me the chance to study Medicine. My heart is filled with gratitude for believing in us just as our mentors never pressured us. Manila Adventist College also showed us support for the past ten years. Mostly of us since nursing days, my friends, we call our group Royalty Much, are now doctors. They comforted me whenever I feel down. We have helped each other on our journey towards becoming medical doctors. My success is also theirs especially to my ever supportive family who kept believing in me. And most importantly, I am so blessed and highly favored by God. I am very much thankful for He has given me this gift. He is truly the source of all knowledge and wisdom. HE deserves all the praises, honor and glory”, she added.

“I am so blessed and highly favored by God. I am very much thankful for He has given me this gift. He is truly the source of all knowledge and wisdom. HE deserves all the praises, honor and glory”…- Dr. Jessa Elaine Balbastro Fronda on PLE

Having been blessed in many ways much more in attaining her noble dream with flying colors, the former student-scholar also gave a piece of advice to the Matias aspiring doctors who are still in the challenging years in med school. “I want to tell them that they should study for the board exam as early as they enter med school. They have to set their goals as early as possible. They must always aim for excellence. Please read your textbooks. Your books will be your bestfriends when board exam comes. Rest whenever you need it. Treat yourself once in a while for your simple achievements. Choose your friends wisely and ask God for knowledge and wisdom because He supplies abundantly”, concluded the fifth placer.

The gems of MHAM: Physician Licensure Examination Topnotchers, Daniel C. Panaglima, RN, MD & Jessa Elaine B. Fronda, RN, MD

An exemplary performance that made MHAM produced seven topnotchers in five consecutive years, Dr. Fronda and Dr. Panaglima were among the recipients of the scholarship grants to deserving students upon the recommendation of the Committee on Scholarship under the flagship of the MHAM CM Honors Society.

For several fruitful and rewarding years, MHAM always open its door in extending scholarship programs to those deserving students but are financially challenged along the way. The scholarship grants being offered are the Don Matias H. Aznar Scholarship (DMAS), MHAM College of Medicine Scholarship (MHAMS), Return of Service Scholarship (RSS) and the MHAM Alumni Scholarship (MAS). The DMAS grant is offered as an entry point for graduates with latin honors with full tuition fee coverage excluding miscellaneous and other fees. In addition, other tuition fee discounts can be availed by all students whose parents are MHAM alumni or siblings who enrolled at the same time.

Our former student scholars. Our present board placers.

While the fruit of one’s uphill battle coupled with full support from family members and institutions are the sweetest in the medical field, the new Matias doctors are set to pledge the Hippocratic Oath in the upcoming oathtaking ceremonies for the new physicians in the region which will to be hosted by MHAM for five years in a row now.

Named after a sweetened and aromatic solution of alcohol and water used as a vehicle for medicinal substances capable of prolonging life known as elixir of life, the ELIXIR doctors added the embodiment of God’s grandest masterpiece for healing the human race as competent, compassionate and committed MHAM mavens of the field. (Ana Liza Abao)