The first semester work is geared towards giving the student a sound basic knowledge of the anatomy, embryology and physiology of the female genitalia. The development and physiologic changes during pregnancy in both mother and fetus are emphasized. This is followed by the study of the means of diagnosing pregnancy based on the signs and symptoms produces by the anatomic and physiologic changes. During the second semester, all the aspects of normal pregnancy are studied. The normal course of labor and delivery and the management of the same are studied. With the basic knowledge of what is normal, the student is now introduced to the abnormal. The different diseases encountered during pregnancy, whether they are obstetrical, medical or surgical are taken up with theor corresponding management.The different operative procedures used in the practice of Obstetrics are introduced. For the first time also, the student is introduced to actual cases in the hospital. Under the supervision of a preceptor, the history taking and the physical examination of the obstetrical patient is taught and practiced. Normal and abnormal cases are taken up in classrooms.

Credit: 144 hours

Unit Credit: 8 units

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