Preventive And Community Medicine 2

This course deals with the prevention and control of communicable diseases, considering that despite adveancement of new approaches, still our country is beset by such recurring communicable diseases as thyphoid fever, dysenteries, El Tor Cholera, PTB. venereal diseases, Malaria and etc. Also more time is allowed the teaching of environmental sanitation, since the Philippine setting still requires the elementary need for cheap, adequate, good water supply as proper collection and disposal of waste and refuse, including pollution which contributes greatly to the endemicity of certain communicable infections. In our country that is being geared towards industrialization the need to learn occupational health and industrial hygiene becomes imperative. This is an important part of an inclusive comminuty-wide fundamental principles of radiological health and effects of radiations are included in the last months of the second year.

Credit: 72 hours

Unit Credit: 4 units

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