A one-year subject course that deals with the basic knowledge and principles required in the comprehension of the pathophysiology in the comprehension of the pathophysiology involved in the carious surgical diseases. It also deals with the basic techniques in clinical diagnosis and management of minor surgical diseases and procedures. The surgical curriculum is designed to acquaint the medical students with surgery as a clinical discipline concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of injury and illness beginning with the principles of surgery in the second year and with clinical correlation. The student is introduced to the various clinical activities of the Faculty of Surgery. In the emergency room, they see patients with mild lacerations as well as those with life threatening, major issues. In the wards, patients with chronic diseases afford the student an opportunity to observe in a more leisurely and thoughtful way manifestations of surgical diseases. In the operating room, students can observe pathologic anatomic phenomena and are required to attend conferences, demonstrations and ward rounds with the preceptor, The student is then able to verify his own observations and correlate them with the observations of others.

Credit: 90 hours

Unit Credit: First Semester – 2 units; Second Semester – 3 units

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